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Cape Cod Stickers

Leaving Town Sign Iceland Ring Road 5x3 Sticker

Leaving Town Sign Iceland Ring Road 5x3 Sticker

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When I visited Iceland in 2022 I loved the Icelandic version of the "entering town" and "leaving town" road signs. Instead of the normal "Entering Vik" sign that I'd expect to see in the United States, Iceland has a stylized city skyline including the iconic triangular church silhouette. When leaving town, they use the same sign but with a big red slash through the sign. This made me think "town not allowed". These stickers are designed after those road signs and are a great souvenir or memento after a trip to Iceland.

These stickers are designed on Cape Cod and printed on matte weatherproof vinyl. Stickers measure 5 inches wide by 3 inches tall.

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